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Name Subscribers Views Videos
1ARY Digital YouTube Photo

ARY Digital

11.2M 5,922,569,505 23,228
2MBC GROUP YouTube Photo


7.09M 4,022,472,895 6,164
3Basim Karbalaei / باسم الكربلائي YouTube Photo

Basim Karbalaei / باسم الكربلائي

6.17M 1,909,897,958 944
4خليجية YouTube Photo


6.01M 4,331,102,937 15,261
5قناة المجلة YouTube Photo

قناة المجلة

5.99M 1,002,245,372 1,036
6Geo News YouTube Photo

Geo News

5.66M 1,415,119,949 53,480
7Nussa Official YouTube Photo

Nussa Official

4.96M 695,762,464 104
8AJ Official YouTube Photo

AJ Official

4.87M 539,573,415 588
9Ennahar tv YouTube Photo

Ennahar tv

4.86M 2,314,925,340 167,488
10Islamic Teacher Official YouTube Photo

Islamic Teacher Official

4.68M 119,308,069 286
11CNN Indonesia YouTube Photo

CNN Indonesia

4.47M 2,125,042,927 42,904
12G.S World YouTube Photo

G.S World

4.02M 342,404,655 959
13Sadhguru YouTube Photo


4.02M 438,676,019 1,651
14Narendra Modi YouTube Photo

Narendra Modi

3.98M 484,659,288 12,059
15The Urdu Teacher YouTube Photo

The Urdu Teacher

3.78M 290,360,566 834
16Pastor Antônio Júnior YouTube Photo

Pastor Antônio Júnior

3.42M 314,695,963 1,282
17MercifulServant YouTube Photo


2.98M 516,525,484 991
18Tariq Jamil Official YouTube Photo

Tariq Jamil Official

2.68M 156,292,895 534
19Tô Solto YouTube Photo

Tô Solto

2.51M 140,552,281 89
20tvOneNews YouTube Photo


2.32M 744,650,522 25,362
21عبدالله الشريف Abdullah ELshrif YouTube Photo

عبدالله الشريف Abdullah ELshrif

2.2M 252,405,097 137
22Wave Music Hindi Songs YouTube Photo

Wave Music Hindi Songs

2.19M 255,581 63
23محمد طارق Mohamd Tariq l YouTube Photo

محمد طارق Mohamd Tariq l

2.16M 166,578,886 102
24Ammar TV YouTube Photo

Ammar TV

1.88M 331,491,341 2,010
25Syubbanul Muslimin YouTube Photo

Syubbanul Muslimin

1.86M 231,373,620 424
26Hafiz Tahir Qadri YouTube Photo

Hafiz Tahir Qadri

1.77M 191,139,074 55
27Sözler Köşkü YouTube Photo

Sözler Köşkü

1.76M 120,846,891 242
28Bedaya TV l قناة بداية الفضائية YouTube Photo

Bedaya TV l قناة بداية الفضائية

1.75M 2,638,915,945 45,568
29DANIEL HABIF YouTube Photo


1.72M 129,080,725 143
30The Bible Project YouTube Photo

The Bible Project

1.69M 134,555,133 186
31Yufid.TV - Pengajian & Ceramah Islam YouTube Photo

Yufid.TV - Pengajian & Ceramah Islam

1.65M 282,411,777 11,780
32Al-Bahjah TV YouTube Photo

Al-Bahjah TV

1.6M 251,018,643 8,033
33knowldge Factory YouTube Photo

knowldge Factory

1.53M 109,798,788 454
34Dr Zakir Naik YouTube Photo

Dr Zakir Naik

1.46M 91,531,702 1,952
35Hayalhanem YouTube Photo


1.4M 131,007,653 463
36Al Aoula TV YouTube Photo

Al Aoula TV

1.36M 479,606,392 5,453
37Defesa do Evangelho Oficial YouTube Photo

Defesa do Evangelho Oficial

1.36M 166,020,313 1,452
38DunamisMovement YouTube Photo


1.34M 328,855,974 657
39Elevation Church YouTube Photo

Elevation Church

1.34M 94,710,494 263
40القارىء إسلام صبحي Islam Sobhi YouTube Photo

القارىء إسلام صبحي Islam Sobhi

1.26M 65,845,488 67
41Khalid Basalamah Official YouTube Photo

Khalid Basalamah Official

1.2M 75,409,025 1,229
42Islam Ashi YouTube Photo

Islam Ashi

1.19M 120,389,995 82
43Jesus Christ YouTube Photo

Jesus Christ

1.19M 27,397,467 76
44رعد محمد الكردي | Raad Mohammad al Kurdi YouTube Photo

رعد محمد الكردي | Raad Mohammad al Kurdi

1.17M 129,662,719 1,174
45Joel Osteen YouTube Photo

Joel Osteen

1.16M 155,888,879 416
46JesusCopy YouTube Photo


1.14M 61,643,286 541
47Thanks Bharat YouTube Photo

Thanks Bharat

1.11M 99,778,317 648
48Bhakthi TV YouTube Photo

Bhakthi TV

1.09M 380,084,656 44,158
49The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints YouTube Photo

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1.09M 370,067,385 2,636


1.06M 79,136,791 88