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Name Subscribers Views Videos
15-Minute Crafts YouTube Photo

5-Minute Crafts

62.1M 16,331,866,901 3,845
2SET India YouTube Photo

SET India

59.6M 43,417,586,139 33,726
3Like Nastya Vlog YouTube Photo

Like Nastya Vlog

39.7M 19,550,096,279 330
4✿ Kids Diana Show YouTube Photo

✿ Kids Diana Show

38.8M 14,355,320,744 619
5Zee TV YouTube Photo

Zee TV

37.8M 35,414,967,716 80,646
6Vlad and Nikita YouTube Photo

Vlad and Nikita

29.5M 12,749,121,218 175


27.3M 7,956,544,538 758
8[토이푸딩] ToyPudding TV YouTube Photo

[토이푸딩] ToyPudding TV

25.5M 14,875,214,648 2,988
9Billion Surprise Toys - BST Kids Songs YouTube Photo

Billion Surprise Toys - BST Kids Songs

25M 6,646,468,982 165
10Ryan's World YouTube Photo

Ryan's World

22.6M 33,893,648,131 1,569
11Stacy Toys YouTube Photo

Stacy Toys

22M 7,500,216,626 242
12Boram Tube Vlog [보람튜브 브이로그] YouTube Photo

Boram Tube Vlog [보람튜브 브이로그]

21.3M 7,846,649,950 218
13Collins Key YouTube Photo

Collins Key

19.8M 4,115,524,069 241
141MILLION Dance Studio YouTube Photo

1MILLION Dance Studio

18.4M 4,409,558,843 1,741
15Las Ratitas YouTube Photo

Las Ratitas

17.6M 5,604,501,978 154
16Ricis Official YouTube Photo

Ricis Official

17.6M 2,160,202,668 732
175-Minute Crafts GIRLY YouTube Photo

5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

16.9M 2,996,829,797 1,993
18Toys and Colors YouTube Photo

Toys and Colors

16.7M 11,136,053,739 344
19Erlania e Valentina Pontes YouTube Photo

Erlania e Valentina Pontes

16.3M 4,593,959,836 729
205-Minute Crafts PLAY YouTube Photo

5-Minute Crafts PLAY

15.9M 3,271,264,739 2,221
21Troom Troom YouTube Photo

Troom Troom

15.9M 5,376,911,420 1,075
22Roman Atwood Vlogs YouTube Photo

Roman Atwood Vlogs

15.4M 5,160,009,999 1,652
23SlivkiShow YouTube Photo


15.3M 2,777,337,195 298
24Doggy Doggy Cartoons YouTube Photo

Doggy Doggy Cartoons

15.2M 5,531,668,752 2,185
25Miss Katy YouTube Photo

Miss Katy

15M 7,590,832,171 682
26Mister Max YouTube Photo

Mister Max

15M 7,974,410,590 758
27Brave Wilderness YouTube Photo

Brave Wilderness

15M 2,889,006,205 556
28Like Nastya YouTube Photo

Like Nastya

14.9M 4,785,015,978 237
29Funny Stacy YouTube Photo

Funny Stacy

14.7M 4,726,939,554 187
30Guava Juice YouTube Photo

Guava Juice

14.6M 6,385,807,545 1,410
31Toys And Little Gaby YouTube Photo

Toys And Little Gaby

14.4M 5,880,461,832 289
32mmoshaya YouTube Photo


14.2M 7,837,399,679 885
33Britain's Got Talent YouTube Photo

Britain's Got Talent

14.2M 8,237,659,736 2,586
34Boram Tube ToysReview [보람튜브 토이리뷰] YouTube Photo

Boram Tube ToysReview [보람튜브 토이리뷰]

14M 4,386,993,288 239
35Wengie YouTube Photo


13.9M 1,563,997,819 269
36HowToBasic YouTube Photo


13.9M 2,324,596,691 504
37CKN Toys YouTube Photo

CKN Toys

13.9M 12,599,829,466 603
38America's Got Talent YouTube Photo

America's Got Talent

13.8M 3,149,641,491 2,220
39Maria Clara & JP YouTube Photo

Maria Clara & JP

13.7M 4,795,099,559 424
40Marvel Entertainment YouTube Photo

Marvel Entertainment

13.4M 3,065,503,620 6,490
41Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids YouTube Photo

Genevieve's Playhouse - Toy Learning for Kids

12.8M 5,537,655,882 488
42Manual do Mundo YouTube Photo

Manual do Mundo

12.8M 2,235,144,526 1,527
43Enaldinho YouTube Photo


12.5M 1,944,997,894 753
44CookieSwirlC YouTube Photo


12.4M 12,200,775,101 3,225
45Mnet K-POP YouTube Photo

Mnet K-POP

12.3M 7,349,048,108 17,511
46Planeta das Gêmeas YouTube Photo

Planeta das Gêmeas

12M 3,114,468,566 560
47IDEAS EN 5 MINUTOS YouTube Photo


12M 2,142,820,354 2,755
48Sandra Cires Art YouTube Photo

Sandra Cires Art

11.8M 1,894,595,968 793
49FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review YouTube Photo

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review

11.7M 14,843,719,353 2,880
50SIS vs BRO YouTube Photo


11.5M 4,654,473,755 321