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How do I set the basis of my YouTube channel?

You have taken the step, you have started your own YouTube channel. To continue growing on YouTube, it is important to properly set the basis of your channel.

You may already have some video’s on your channel, but they aren’t watched allot. What a shame! You want you that everybody can enjoy your video’s.

Since there are millions of the channel, is it important to build a good fundamental for your channel. The basis includes among others a banner image, profile picture and your social media buttons. Youtube is just like google and shows the most entertaining and best channels and videos at the top.

Banner image on YouTube

Suppose, you only have a few seconds to choose from 20 stores in a shopping street to take a look. Which do you choose? Right, the store with an attractive front. A store that looks nice. This works the same for Youtube. It is therefore important to have the frontage of your YouTube channel in order. Design and create a banner image that fits your channel.

The recommended size for a Youtube banner is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Many channels put their name and a picture within their banner, so it will be extra personal. Be creative and make something great! You can also put for an example your Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter in your banner.

YouTube Banner

Profile picture

Just like on Instagram or Facebook you can put on Youtube a profile picture. The best way is to upload a picture of yourself, this makes it personal for your views, this way your views will get a connection with you.

A Youtube profile picture has a size of 800 x 800 pixels. Go with your pointer over your (old) profile picture and click on the pen icon. Upload your new profile picture and make sure it meets the minimum dimensions.

YouTube Profielfoto

Social media buttons

Interaction with your viewers is one of the most important and most fun ways to grow your channel. Your viewers and fans want to know more about you. This can by using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and/or Snapchat (add us @YTCount 😉). Many Youtube channels use Instagram and Twitter.

Place your social media channels therefore always on your channel. You’ve got the possibility to add multiple links. With that, you will increase the chance of gaining extra followers.

Did you already used the tips above? Great, the fundament of your Youtube channel is set and hereby the chance of more subscribers and views.

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