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Too Good to Say Goodbye 😢

Read the story about the future of YTCount.

In 2016, YTCount started with a simple app to follow YouTube channels. We received a huge amount of positive responses and in one short time we built one or the largest and best YouTube Subscriber Count app.

YTCount was special because you had the opportunity to see the growth of YouTube channels until days back. YTCount was simple, fast and easy to use.

Launch of version 3.0

We started in 2020 with building a completely new app. We did a re-design and rewritten the whole app. We have received an enormous amount of positive and sweet responses. Thanks for that! ❤️

Unfortunately you have only been able to enjoy the new app for a short time due to changes from YouTube / Google.

YouTube is that bully in the classroom 😡

In May of 2019, YouTube already announced that it would stop offering exact numbers. As a result, it was no longer possible to get the exact number of subscribers from YouTube channels. Many YTCount users were angry but could accept this change.

But now it’s time to say goodbye..

You have probably noticed that the app can no longer retrieve the number of subscribers. This is because YouTube has blocked connections to their servers. It is difficult and almost impossible for us to retrieve all channel data.

YouTube wants only one thing: Use only our website and app and stop using other Subscriber Count apps.

Slowly all other YouTube Subscriber apps will also disappear and stop because YouTube is blocking access to all data.

Thank you YouTube for ruining the pleasure of following channels.
For destroying Subscriber count apps.

What is next. What is the future?

We are constantly working on finding a solution, but for now there is none…

We want to thank everyone for the support and use of YTCount. This adventure was great and we greatly enjoyed your support chats, compliments, feedback and responses.

Thank you everyone (except YouTube) for the great years. ❤️

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