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Track your YouTube Subscribers

YTCount is the app to stay abreast of the growth of YouTube channels. With our live counter, we bring you real-time updates on the number of subscribers of a YouTube channel.

Whether you are Content Creator or a fan: you alone determine which channels are important to you!

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YouTube Livecounter

With the live counter you can check the progress of a channel in real-time.

We also offer you the ability to track multiple channels.

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We like to keep you informed of the progress of a channel.

Create your own milestones and receive alerts when they are achieved.

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Milestone completed

Bjornftw has reached 9382 subscribers

Milestone completed

Pewdiepie has reached 54m subscribers

Milestone completed

CaseyNeistat has reached 6m subscribers

Milestone completed

Jon has reached 600.000 subscribers


We do not only provide real-time data, but also data from the past.

Check out the progress of a channel of countless weeks back. Analyse the growth and drop of a channel.

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6.560.077 subscribers

Tuesday 11 June

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Web version

In addition to the mobile app, you can also use the web version.

Our web version features a real-time subscriber counter, just like the app.

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YTCount is available for iOS devices. Download YTCount in the App Store or sign-up for our Android release.

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