Live counter — YTCount: track real-time YouTube Subscribers with our Live Counter

Live counter

Thanks to the YTCount live counter, you can track the amount of subscribers of a YouTube channel in real-time.

What are subscribers?

As a Content Creator, you want to build an audience with your channel. YouTube offers users the ability to subscribe to a channel for free. This way, you are notified immediately when the channel publishes a new video. This also allows Creators to check how many subscribers are interested in their video’s.

How does the live counter work?

The name says it all: we enable you to track the amount of subscribers of a specific YouTube channel in real-time. Not only Content Creators, but also viewers find it amusing and convenient to watch the amount of subscribers of a channel. Since YouTube is a platform that is offered worldwide, the amount of subscribers may change every second. The live counter shows you in real-time when a user subscribes to a channel.

In the app, you are able to monitor multiple channels simultaneously. You can add your competitors, friends and idols in the app. All channels that you added will be listed in the summary, where you can immediately decide for which YouTube channel you’d like to see the live counter.

In addition to the live counter, it is also possible to view the statistics of a channel. This allows you to revisit the growth of subscribers from several days ago. The graphs in the app show you the growth of recent days at a glance.

If you really want to stay informed, you simply set a notification. The app will then automatically send you an alert when a channel has reached a new milestone. This way, you don’t have to run the app 24/7 to stay abreast of a YouTube channel. We send you a message once you’ve reached the amount of subscribers you previously configured.