Notifications — YTCount: track real-time YouTube Subscribers with our Live Counter


In case you follow multiple Youtube Channels, it can be tedious to keep track of all these individual channels all the time. Therefore, we implemented push notifications on certain milestones. You can set these milestones yourself, and will receive a message on your phone when it is reached.

How do milestones work?

First of all, it’s important you’ve added at least one channel to your overview. You can edit the added channels in the settings menu. Choose your channel, and write the amount of subscribers in the Milestone field. When this channel breaks that record, you will receive a push notification. Always be sure the amount of subscribers is larger than the live counter currently displays.

You’ll automatically receive a notification on both your iPhone and Apple Watch (if you have one) when the milestone is achieved. You’re always able to modify or add a milestone.


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