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I don’t see my YouTube statistics

Are your YouTube subscribers and views not visible in the YTCount Subscriber Count app? This can happen because we don’t have enough YouTube statistics for this channel yet. We explain how this works.

The growth of a YouTube channel is important and valuable. And that is why we show the number of YouTube subscribers and views for all channels. We make YouTube statistics insightful, easy and fun..

Unfortunately it can happen that you get the message “Not enough data” in our iOS, Android or Web app. As the report says, we don’t have enough statistics for this YouTube channel yet.

Why are my YouTube subscribers and views not visible?

Short answer; we have not received enough data from YouTube.

As soon as a channel is added to the YTCount app, a system is automatically connected to see if data is available. In most cases there is enough data and we can show it.

For channels that are less popular, it may sometimes happen that not enough data is available. There are some of requirements that we set to make the data visible.

  • The channel must have at least 20 subscribers
  • Data must be available for at least 7 days.

Does the channel have more than 20 subscribers, but you still don’t see statistics? Then, we don’t have 7 days of data. The statistics will be visible within 7 days. We therefore recommend that you open the YTCount every day to check this.

YTCount YouTube Subscribers and views count
YTCount YouTube Subscribers and views count